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Last season, we also reported that an unusual initiative was launched under the name BeYourPlayer. 6 minutes FIFA and 8 minutes of football are the formula, where not only on the virtual track, but also in real circumstances to prove the teams with free fifa 18 coins website. So let's see what the organizers are doing this year for those who are brave enough to compete for the highest level of podium.

The next event will be held on November 11, 2017 at the DESOK hall in Debrecen . You can apply through BeYourPlayer's official website at FIFA 18 coin generator to get free fut coins and points . Organizers are waiting for teams of up to 6 people, where the team captain has to be called in advance. Separate extra for the entry, we need to give our dress sizes as well. The entry fee will also include a unique T-shirt that will be an eternal memory for the team.

As mentioned in the introduction, the aim of the championship is to promote and combine virtual and real football in an extremely creative way. The rules of the BeYourPlayer EA SPORTS FIFA 18 games have been developed according to the official EuroFIFA Offline Competition Rules . With this, the organizers guarantee clean play and equal opportunities during the competition. It's important to note that it's not enough on the virtual track to perform well. The second half of the match must be played under realistic conditions, which will also be able to reverse the result even if it is not possible to hit the digital world during the 4-minute half-time.

We recommend this initiative to everyone. Go up and invite them to BeYourPlayer's next tournament or follow them on facebook for the latest information available at Mobile legends cheats tool!