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U Minh district of Ca Mau province stand out with the beauty of the forest and U Minh ha forests, colorful tram, creating river garden is characteristic of the peninsula of Ca Mau. U Minh Forest is far away from Ha Ca Mau city about 50 km, to the forest U minh ha, you can go from city take highway 63 North. At this place, you will experience many new things, interesting. First, is the fragrance calming shade of the cotton tree spread in the fresh air of the early morning, Huong Tram enters into the mind, you help to dispel all the anxiety, pros the in life. Next, you also get to see the plant species characteristic of mangrove forest in addition to the melaleuca tree as the tree dented, contrition, reed and other types of vines..

in Addition, this is also the habitat of many species of animals such as pangolins, monkeys, squirrels, iguana, pythons, snakes, turtles... many rare types located in Vietnam red book should be preserved. Here, you can also be seated floating on the shell of interest (name a type of boat in Ca Mau), swept along the stream channel in the forest to sniffed the air fresh and drop the to fishing. It's fun when you yourself questions is a fish to do the grilled fish attractive flavor to the river. You also have the opportunity to chat with the people of this place, to understand more about their lives. Life of people here associated with forests in U Minh Ha.

They are assigned to manage the private area of Hoi An Beach Resort, they had to be the tapping is both the guardian of the forest. To the rainy season, when the fish at the same big and fat, most people proceed to drop catch net – this is a major source of revenue of their. They also conducted nursery the the melaleuca tree, denting,... to plant in the forest, ensuring the forest is covered with green. On the embankments, is the fruit of people people. They are very comfortable inviting you to the fruit they planted, or invite you to enjoy grilled snakehead fish with tamarind sauce served with vegetables such as bud grower, lotus leaf, non, gun cotton, ghost, vegetable label, cotton hyacinth, bud, kidnapped,... To the forest U Minh Ha, you can't not buy products extremely valuable where the forest water depth of this chasm, there is honey forest. Forest honey in this completely taken from the hives in melaleuca. The honey bottle compare in, are bright yellow, rural, exceptionally floral tram. This is the gift nature bestowed on human.
Source: Du Lich