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Apa Itu Internet, traditional marketing experts still think they are buying demographics. This is easy to understand. When someone makes a purchase of meaningful advertising with CBS or ABC affiliates or even with national purchases, they target the people who are most likely to buy their product, right? That must make sense for most people. Take the example of a home builder. Apa Itu Internet they target women aged 25 - 54 years with their media dollars because their research shows that women dominate the decision matrix for home purchases. In the world of non-traditional media, the world of the Internet, your "advertising purchases" are based on words.

All traffic moves on the Internet based on words. The same homebuilder buys "advertisements" based on the floor plan. If someone visits their site as a result of moving on the Internet based on the word "floor plan" you should immediately see how visits to their websites are far more valuable than women aged 25-54 who have just seen their TV commercials or print advertisements in the daily newspaper. Apa Itu Internet, smart internet marketing is about knowing your industry words.

It's really no harder than that. It's about knowing how to move traffic on the Internet based on connectivity principles and the principle of "word ownership." The fourth mistake made about the Internet is one of brands versus technology. There are only two parts to marketing: Brand and Technology. Apa Itu Internet, the problem is that traditional branded people don't too well integrate technology into their marketing approaches - usually because they don't understand the Internet but they understand newspapers, television and radio.

On the other hand, new media people believe it is all about the Internet and their technology so they release the potential for branding because they think the role of branding ends with all traditional media. Smart Internet Marketing combines brands and technology. Brands are nothing more than perceptions and perceptions measured by words - words that people use to describe your business and its product / service offerings. Smart internet marketing in 2006 is easy to understand if you understand the four mistakes made regarding marketing in this rapidly changing world.

Know that the Internet has a non-linear side that is 3 times the side that is owned by the Search Engine. Moving to a mine and driving traffic is not technology, but it is processes that are based on mathematical principles and good branding. MATHEMATICAL PRINCIPLES: The economies of scale for groups are always stronger than individuals. BRAND PRINCIPLES: Apa Itu Internet, the brand for your business is about having words on the Internet and those words must be the basis of what people say about you and your business.